Third Thursday Talk (Care Predict)

CarePredict’s award-winning wearable, Tempo™ and the AI platform behind it were designed exclusively for the care of seniors with their unique needs in mind. It is the only wearable that autonomously observes the daily activity patterns of an older adult, such as eating, sleeping, walking, kitchen and bathroom patterns. The system uses machine learning to understand each senior’s “normal” activity pattern and alerts on potential concerns when there is a deviation. This allows caregivers to know if they are skipping meals, aren’t sleeping well, are less active, or if things are different than usual. Families can see the location of their loved one in the home at all times and get real-time alerts when there is a possible fall. Seniors can press a button on their Tempo to summon help and use the built-in two-way audio to speak to their care circle members for immediate assurance.

For more information or to register please call DeLane Richardson @ (334) 240-4680 x.135 or email her @

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