Dementia Friendly Alabama

Building partnerships to create communities where those with dementia can live and thrive!

Who… can contribute to a dementia friendly community?

In a dementia friendly community, every part of the community plays a role and works together to create a dementia friendly culture. It’s all about “partnerships”: Partnerships with those diagnosed with dementia; partnerships with those caring for loved ones with dementia; partnerships with religious organizations; partnerships with schools; and partnerships with businesses and the community to promote awareness of dementia.

What… is a dementia friendly community?

Dementia Friendly is much more than simply being kind to those impacted by dementia. A dementia friendly community is one where those living with Alzheimer’s and their care partners feel respected, supported, and included in every day community life.

A landmark announcement made in July 2015 at the White House Conference on Aging launched the start of Dementia Friendly America. Communities across the country are actively modeling the Dementia Friendly America movement, demonstrating collaborative, community-level change to foster dementia friendliness. Those with dementia say they feel marginalized by society and feel excluded by friends, neighbors and every day community life. Communities, counties and even entire states are now taking action to change this. Montgomery County is one of over 70 communities across 29 states that have expressed an interest in putting Dementia Friendly Alabama “on the map.”

Why… are there dementia friendly communities?

With 10,000 people daily turning 65, and age being the greatest risk factor for dementia, Alabama is committed to raising awareness throughout the state, striving to reduce stigma and fostering individual engagement through training and participation within a “dementia friendly community.” Having a solid community of people we can trust enough to be vulnerable with and who will sustain us through difficult times is a foundational part of life. Imagine a community where people with dementia feel included, respected and valued, where they can participate in activities that are meaningful to them.

How… can Alabama become a dementia friendly community?

Central Alabama Aging Consortium (CAAC) is the Area Agency on Aging for a three county region in Central Alabama. The Alabama Department of Senior Services has awarded CAAC a grant to help initiate a dementia friendly community within Montgomery that can be replicated throughout the state.

For more information about Dementia Friendly Alabama and the programs we offer, please contact:
DeLane Poague
Dementia Friendly Alabama Project Coordinator
334-240-4680 ext 135
Let’s not forget to fight for those who can’t remember!

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