Making Their Mark:  Mrs. Josephine Harris Wright

I would like to recognize Mrs. Josephine H. Wright for making her mark in the Antioch Hands of Hope Senior Center.  She not only has been a participant at this Senior Center the longest; but she has also served as a volunteer for several years and, then became the Manager as well.

At the Senior Center, she established the Senior’s Tea Party and several other wonderful activities, games and outings for the seniors over the years.

She is still actively participating and she truly continues to make her mark at the Antioch Senior Center.


Making Their Mark:  Mrs. Shirley Thurman-Finch

Mrs. Shirley Thurman-Finch has truly made her mark at the Antioch Senior Center.  She has a passion for serving our seasoned saints.  It is indeed a true calling for her to serve the seniors.  She has served in several capacities at the center and now, she is serving as the Assistant Manager.

This is really not a job for her, it is a labor of love.  And, it is truly evident in all that she does, assisting with the planning, activities, exercise, food preparation, and celebratory events that we plan for our Seniors.  She never says “No”, but and always thinking of ways to give back and share with our Seniors.

Even during this pandemic, she prepared dinner for our Seniors, just another way how her love continues to overflow for our Seasoned Saints, Mrs. Finch is truly making her mark at the Antioch Senior Center.


Making Their Mark:  Mrs. Lois Davis

Mrs. Lois Davis is a journalist/poet in her own right.  She graces us with words of encouragement, inspirational and historical facts, and even keeps us abreast of our Black Moments in History as well and an inspiration word from the bible.  During our Black History program, she was so informative in letting us know about our Black History, decorated our the stage of our Black History program with some of her memorabilia and shared some personal/family events about her family’s Black History; that we made her Black History Facts/ Inspirational Segment a part of our schedule.

And, as our nation is faced with the pandemic, she is still sharing words of wisdom and encouraging words to uplift us all.  And, Mrs. Davis is truly making her mark at the Antioch Senior Center.


Making Their Mark:  Mrs. Lula Peoples

We have a provider that wishes to remain unknown from all their acts of kindness, she exemplifies what it means to be a care about her fellowman…, by her giving not only to one senior but she is a giver to  the entire Antioch Senior Center.

She has a caring heart and conveys the true meaning of the word love.  She has on several occasions shared items, food, vegetables with not just one senior, but all the seniors at our center; but always wants to remain unknown.  Love is what love does—and our unknown giver, Mrs. Lula Peoples is truly making her mark with such a kind heart.


Making Their Mark:  Willie Dell Towner & Joseph Townser – Bob & Joanna Gregory Townser

These next people that are making their mark at the Antioch Senior Center are the wonderful volunteers, …and I must admit they help make my job sooooooo easy.  Eventhough they are husband and wife duo, they are partnered up to make a difference each and every day.  It is so wonderful to work with people that always take the initiative to do what needs to be done, always willing and able, ready for duty; and on occasions they have beaten me to the Senior Center.  Never a complaint, they come in reporting for duty, it is a great atmosphere when you work with people that have a  heart of God, they show the love for God by being the BEST volunteers ever and I LOVE THEM, and the volunteers are:  Joanna Gregory and Bob Gregory; Willie Dell and Joseph Townser, are truly making the mark at the Antioch Senior Center.