Dementia Friendly Alabama Resources

Dementia Friendly Alabama is constantly creating new resources and finding new ways to provide and aid those with dementia in our community.

Robotic Companion Pets

Dementia Friendly Alabama, with the help of Central Alabama Aging Consortium and AMES, INC, has purchased several robotic companion pets now available to support those with dementia and their caregivers! These pets are designated for seniors in Montgomery, Autauga, and Elmore counties that have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Click here to request your free robotic companion pet!

Dementia Resource Card

Dementia Friendly Alabama has created resource cards for caregivers that discreetly inform someone that their loved one has dementia and may require additional patience. Click here to request your cards today!

Desserts Word Search

Find your favorite sweet treats in our desserts word search!

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Christmas Word Search

Find all the hidden words in our free printable word search, just in time for Christmas!

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Trualta – Free Caregiver Training

Access free caregiver training from the comfort of your own home! Click here to get registered!

Care to Plan

The Care to Plan tool is a free, online resource that offers tailored support to caregivers. Care to Plan uses an easy online 20-question assessment to create a personalized plan of support for family caregivers. Click here to access the Care to Plan tool!

Dementia Resource Guide

Dementia Friendly Alabama has created a resource guide that provides the reader with general information about dementia, treatment options, and local resources they can utilize. Click here to request a copy today!

COVID-19 Word Search

Find all the hidden COVID-19 related words!