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Friday, December 09, 2016

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

A long-term care ombudsman seeks to improve the quality of life of the residents of long-term care facilities (including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and specialty care assisted living facilities).

What does an Ombudsman do?

  • Investigates and resolves complaints;
  • Visits each facility to evaluate conditions;
  • Ensures that residents are receiving the legal, financial, social rehabilitative and other services to which they are entitled;
  • Acts as a mediator between residents, family members and facility staff;
  • Educates residents, families and facility staff about residents' rights, elder abuse and quality of life issues;
  • Provides information to the public;
  • Assists with the establishment of residents and family councils; and
  • Represents residents' interests before state and federal government by working to change laws, regulations and policies that affect those who live in long-term care facilities.

Who can use the Ombudsman?

Anyone can use the Ombudsman, including residents or employees of long-term care facilities, or their friends or families.

What can be investigated?

Complaints may be about the facility, its employees, providers, public or private agencies, guardians, or anyone who is in a position to threaten or interfere with the rights, health, or safety or welfare of a resident.

How do I file a concern or complaint?

You may file a complaint in writing, by phone, or in person. When you contact the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman will take appropriate action to work towards resolution of the complaint. You will be notified of the results. You do not have to give your name, however it is better if you can be contacted for more information. Everything is confidential unless the complainant or resident gives permission.

For additional information or assistance contact:

Central Alabama Aging Consortium
818 South Perry St.
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 240-4666; 1-800-264-4680


State Ombudsman
770 Washington Ave.
Suite 470
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 242-5743 or 1-877-425-2243

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